Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Recipe: Summer Saison - Light It Up & Dbl R Motha F****a

After killing my non-Brett version of the Spring Saison in a matter of weeks before even getting to review it, I needed to get a new Saison on tap. I also wanted to play with a few fun Brett strains I recently acquired as well as a few I had already (by bottling with a single strain per 6 pack). I also needed to have more than one keg of the Saison to drink so I had it on tap for at least a month if not longer. So I pushed my system to the max, a 17.25 gallon boil in a 17.5 gallon kettle, and 14+ gallons of beer in my 1/2 barrel keg fermenter (15.5 gallons). Other than being a little low on volume upon kegging (sampling and stealing a qt worth to force carb fast in a 1 liter soda bottle), it went really well.