Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Becca's Bavarian

Nice, crisp, fruity, bready, snappy, light, refreshing.  The Hefeweisse that my wife brewed with me as a gift for Valentine's Day was a quick ferment and carb for the half that didn't get infected, and turned out quite nice.

Pours almost clear gold without the yeast.  I invert the bottle and gently swirl it around in circles breaking up the yeast sediment and putting it back into suspension for the pour.  With the yeast it is a nice cloudy gold with thick white/beige head that clings to the sides all the way down, and stays a good finger thick to the last drop.

Smells of over ripe bananas, crackers, light vanilla, and a little spice.  No off aromas, no DMS, diacetyl, or acetaldehyde.  Banana dominates.

Tastes of bananas, cloves, bread crust, dry crackers, cereal, slightly sweet (Pils malt).  Clean, dominated by bananas, cloves to the background.

Refreshing snap on the finish, light tartness, semi dry, restrained bitterness to balance, medium body, lots of prickly carbonation.

Were I blind, it would be spot on for a true Hefe.  The clarity at only 2 months is annoying, but I got the same issue with the first rendition of this recipe as well.  Next time I will be skipping the step mash and going for a single infusion, maybe the protein rest is the problem with the lack of haze.  As far as smell and flavor go, spot on, heavy banana, clove to the back, dry crackers, slightly tart and highly carbed with billowing head.  With out the haze issue it would be spot on.

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