Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Name: End Of Silence Brewing

For those of you who frequent the blog, or maybe stumble upon it every now and then, you will probably notice a slightly new look and name.  I've been toying around with a new name for the blog and for my brew house for awhile now.  Originally the name was Quack Town Brewing.  It was a spin on Track Town, as well as the Ducks, and the wackiness of Eugene's ethos.  The more I looked at how I brew, what I brew, and what I want to communicate, the more apparent it became that "Eugene" and its ethos is not my brewing philosophy.  I want to brew good beer, with flavor and life, that has a voice, as it was intended to be.  I had toyed with the name End Of Silence for some time.  I had a beer named this, a Red Ale.  The name is actually the title of one of my favorite bands, RED, debut album.  I stole the name for my brew house for two reasons.  First, the dynamic flavors that can be achieved through different grain combos, paired with hops, yeasts, spices, fruits, bacteria, age, wood, and water profiles is endless, and so much more than yellow fizzy piss water produced in mass today.  And secondly, as anyone who has read my profile, I'm not too shy about my beliefs that there is a God (no this is not Ninkasi) and fermentation is a gift from Him to be enjoyed (in moderation).  Thus End Of Silence - an end to beer that is stripped of its voice through watered down flavor, and an end to the dual false notions that fermentation is somehow an amazing accident and an inherent evil.  Welcome to the end of silenced beer, and the beginning of beer as it was created to be.

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