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Recipe: Thud Butt - Double IPA -- BANGARANG SERIES

BANGARANG... The term used by the Lost Boys in the movie Hook as a statement of enjoyment, agreement, and delight.  It could be a battle cry or an adjective.  One thing was for sure, if you liked it, it was Bangarang!  Thus starts a new series of recipes, the Bangarang Series, featuring beers that make you wanna Bangarang!  And this beer definitely fits the bill' named after Thud Butt, a big, bold, gentle yet powerful character, the name is an apt fit for a 9.2% ABV, 92 IBU, Double IPA that finishes dry with a noticeable alcohol, yet not solventy, and a huge hop punch.

On to the beer; recently a fellow brewer hooked me up with rhyzomes for my hop yard - 7 varietals (of his nearly 20).  While I was there we were chatting about the types of beers I brew and how the hops will compliment my brewing.  I told him that I'd love to brew IPAs but the cost of hops can just be outrageous which is why I was planting a few big IPA hops (Cascade, Chinook, Blisk).  He was extremely generous and, unprompted, dug into his hop locker and filled a grocery sack with nearly 2# of hops.  Some were the odd varieties that I got to plant so that I can get a feel for their character.  The bulk were Cascades, along with some Zeus as well.  While I was still at his place I brought up Zeus as a bittering hop and he said that it is a great flavor and aroma hop and poured me a sample of a double IPA with Cascade and Zeus.  I was hooked.  And, well, since I had those hops now, and quite a bit at that, I decided to brew one up myself.  I also tossed in some Galaxy as well since I've heard some great things about them and happen to have a few ounces.  I'm targeting a big back bone that still has some maltiness as well as some character, but remains very fermentable, thus dry and drinkable.  I've got some Munich in there for a good maltiness, as well as some Caramalt 10/15L for a light graham cracker note, and some CaraFoam for a little bit of body with the 12% Sugar.   Lots of late hopping for aroma and flavor, and dry hopped to boot, 1# total.


5.70 gallon batch
OG 1.084
FG 1.014
ABV 9.2%
IBUs 92
SRM 16
84% Efficiency

9.5# Pale Malt
3.0# Munich 10L
0.75# Carafoam
0.75# Caramalt 10/15L
0.06# Carafa III (Color)
2.0 # Table Sugar
1/2 tsp Gypsum
3/8 tsp Calcium Chloride
60 min single infusion @ 153*F

Boil (60 min):
FW 1.00 oz Zeus 15.4 AA%
15 1.00 oz Galaxy  13 AA%
15 1.00 oz Cascade ~ 6.6 AA%
KO w/ 15 min WP 1.00 oz Galaxy  13 AA%
KO w/ 15 min WP 1.00 oz Zeus ~ 16 AA%
KO w/ 15 min WP 1.00 oz Cascade ~ 6.6 AA%
Post KO @ 130*F  1.00 oz Galaxy  13 AA%
Post KO @ 130*F 1.00 oz Cascade  ~ 6.6 AA%
Post KO @ 130*F  2.00 oz Zeus  ~ 16 AA%
DH 9 days 2.00 oz Zeus
DH 9 days 1.00 oz Galaxy
DH 9 days 2.00 oz Cascade

Kettle Additions:
5/8 tsp Gypsum
3/8 tsp Calcium Chloride
1/4 tsp Yeast Nutrient
1 tab Whirfloc

1056 American Ale - Pint of Slurry from Oakshire
65*F 3 days
68*F 2 days
71*F 7 days
45*F 2 days (to clear)

Put the FW hops into the kettle directly instead of in a bag and had to fish them out and put them into a hop sack.  I missed a few which caused the pick-up tube to clog after the boil.  My refractometer went on the fritz, and kept jumping around on the reading so I had to crash cool a sample and use the hydrometer.  Ended up overcooling the wort before my post chill hops (was aiming for 150*F and cooled to 130*F).  The hydro sample was super sweet and bitter, smelled and tasted great.  Had to rack via auto-siphon due to clog.  Aerated for ~15-20 minutes, pitched a pint of slurry.  Fermentation was rocking by 5 hours.  Woke up the next morning to find my stopper missing and a thick krausen and sludge around the neck of the carboy... had my first blow-off.  Cleaned it up (before taking a picture of course), sanitized my siphon and a glass gallon jug and transferred 1/2 gallon to increase the head space.  Temp got up to 70*F for a few hours maybe when the temp probe popped loose from the side.   Seems like a lot of issues, but a good brew.

Day 3 took sample, tastes and smells great, down to 1.034, ramped up temp to 68*F to encourage continued ferm as it appears to have slowed.

Day 5 took another sample, down to 1.021.  Ramped up to 71*F to finish strong.

Day 7 took a sample, down to 1.014, remains the same as of day 10.

Day 10 dropped to 45*F until bottling.

Day 12 removed from fridge and shoved (difficultly) full of hops & marbles

Day 14 moved back to ferm fridge at 40*F for cooler/longer DH

Day 21 bottled to 2.3 vols CO2.

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