Monday, December 23, 2013

New Logo

I finally finished my logo for the Home Brewery.  The Center of the logo has been a concept in my head for awhile that I finally got out on paper and fused it into the existing EOS logo.  It originally had a golden gate style keg, then a keggle, then a hop as the center of the O... none of them actually screamed to me.  Finally I turned it back to a normal O and put my Screaming Pint in the middle of it and now it screams...literally.  The focal point of the logo is a pint glass face.  The mouth is sown shut to keep it silent symbolizing the culture of beer for so many years in American Culture.  The pint is screaming, ripping out the stitching, removing the barriers that keep him from screaming at the top of his lungs.  It is all that End of Silence stands for.  No more silenced beer, muted from all that is can be, unable to speak.  Beer is flavorful, it speaks volumes.  That has been my goal in brewing, making beer that speaks: malts, hops, water, yeast, all of them working together, a harmony of voices that give us something beautiful to listen to.  No more quiet beer.  End of Silence.  Let the beer speak!

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