Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brew Day Buddy

As I was brewing up my IPAs a few weeks ago and getting the brewery cleaned up, my son, Callen, who has helped me in the brew house in times past, especially when I used to bottle, decided he was going to come out and brew some beer.  I offered him the ability to throw my hops in with me but that just wouldn't cut it.  He wanted to make his own beer.  

We grabbed him a pot from the house, and put some water in it.  He grabbed a bunch of leaves and threw them in the water, but he needed grains.  We grabbed a couple scoops from my spent grains and put them into his pot, and then Becca, my wife, grabbed an old tub of oatmeal for him to add.

He stirred it up with his mash paddle, and pulled off some of the mash (I think he was doing a decoction).  He even grabbed an empty Dale's Pale Ale can to try to get the dregs working for his yeast (more likely just to play with the water).

Then he helped dad finish cleaning up from previous brews.  I had 2 carboys soaking in Oxy after I had kegged the Callen for bulk aging on the previous day.  He helped me dump the Oxy water out and with the rinsing, and even brought the Better Bottles back into the brewery for me.

And then he says to me on the way to work this morning, when I grow up I wanna brew beer...

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