Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Audacity

For a blog called End of Silence, it has been a little too silent, especially since I was on a role of posting at least once a week.  I do apologize, but trying to get a brewery off the ground sucks up the bulk of any downtime I have, and I'm not even into the hard stuff yet.  For now, I'll drop a little hint at the stuff that is going on: 
  • We have our first investors in the wings and ready to jump on once we have an official agreement to sign. 
  • We are working on agreements with securing legal counsel. 
  • We are running some specs on an amazing location that would be everything we want in a brewery site if we can just fit the brewery into the building.  
  • The owner of the property and farm is actually considering doing a substantial amount of the updates on his dime and becoming an investor as opposed to leasing the property monthly.
  • I have revamped my logo through numerous iterations, finally hitting the perfect design for a Farmhouse Brewery. 
  • I am very close to launching the official Web Site for the brewery.

Until things are secured and I am able to divulge more information, sit tight, and thanks for your patience. 


  1. Nice! I like the logo, did you do that yourself or hire someone? I'm also starting in on this process, business plan and branding phase right now, pitching to investors later this year, and hopefully this time next year I will be presenting to a few municipalities in search of a location. Exciting stuff man, what is you're vision for you're brewery? What size system are you projecting to start on?

    1. Thanks! And congrats for your start up too! I'll have some fresh info to answer your questions hopefully next week when I launch the official website. It is almost ready to go, and all of the info will be up at that point. If you ever want to chat about it, you can contact me direct as well.

    2. I did miss one of your questions that I can answer for you... I did all the work on the logo, and the forthcoming labels as well. I have an artistic background and really enjoyed working up the concepts on that stuff. The logo took a few iterations to get from the screaming pint version at the top of the blog to the final version I have for the brewery which will pop up on the new website (it is on the Facebook @EndOfSilenceBrewing and Twitter @EoSBrewing already).