Thursday, November 14, 2013

RECIPE: 1st Place KLCC #53 CUDL Buddy (Winter Warmer)

Fall has set in, Thanksgiving (and my Birthday) are only a couple weeks away, Christmas is shortly after.  It is that time of year when you really want to have a beer with a little bit of warmth to it, a nice toasty malt character with some sweetness, a good body, and some spiciness to it.  I have always enjoyed beers like Full Sail's Wassail, Bridgeport's Ebenezer, Deschutes' Jubelale, all of which are rich, malty, caramelly, with a nice hop character of spice, earth, and pine.  Because of my love for these particular Winter Warmer beers, I decided to make my own this year.

I started with a pale malt base, layered in a couple British crystal malts for toffee, burnt sugar, and a touch of dark fruits, and chocolate malt for a touch of toasted nuts and cocoa.  I hopped it with Chinook for pine and spice, as well as Willamette and Crystal for some mild floral and spicy English hop character.  Round it out with London ESB for a nutty malty brew with some light fruity notes.

This was the first beer in a long time that I did a standard 60 minute mash on, and even with adjusting for a drop in efficiency, I still came in low for what I was shooting for.  I added 1/2# Coconut sugar on the fly to boost the gravity up a few points, but ended up low on volume.  Just under 5 gallons in the fermenter, which is fine.  The Wyeast 1968 yeast is doing quite well in my beers lately, 74% apparent attenuation on this beer, 79% on my Autumn IPA, or 71% on my 1.094 22% specialty malt Imperial Stout, neither of which have sugar added, and both were mashed at 148*F overnight.  Turned out to be a nice beer with a richer finish that really works well, and quite a nice chocolate note in both aroma and flavor.

NOTE: This beer took 1st place in the KLCC BJCP comp in February 2014 in the American Browns and Ambers category.

Gallons:  4.88
OG:  1.068
FG:  1.018
ABV:  6.6%
IBUs:  47
SRM:  21
Efficiency: 63%

12.00# Pale Malt (Great Western) (82.2%)
0.70# British Carastan – 30/37L (4.8%)
0.70# Caramel/Crystal Malt – 135/165L (4.8%)
0.70# Chocolate Malt, Pale (Crisp) (4.8%)
0.50# Coconut Sugar (3.4%)
Mash 1 hour @ 149 - No Sparge

Boil - 60 mins:
FW 1.00oz Chinook  12.00%AA (Homegrown)
25 0.50oz Chinook  12.00%AA (Homegrown)
25 0.60oz Crystal  6.20%AA (Homegrown)
25 1.00oz Willamette  5.60%AA (Homegrown)
WP 0.50oz Chinook  12.00%AA (Homegrown)
WP 0.70oz Crystal 6.20 %AA (Homegrown)
WP 0.70oz Willamette 5.60%AA (Homegrown)

Kettle Additions:
Gypsum - Mash 3/8 tsp
Epsom Salts - Mash 3/8 tsp
Calcium Chloride - Mash 6/8 tsp
Baking Soda - Mash 3/8 tsp
Pickling Lime  - Mash 1 tsp
Whirfloc 1 each

Cooled to: 62 *F - aerated 10 mins
Wyeast 1968 London ESB (1/2 cup Ninkasi slurry)
65-66*F 2 days
68-69*F 1 days
70-71*F 1 days
72-73*F 10 days

11/2 Mashed in around 9am for 1 hour.  Ran off 6.5 gallons into smaller kettle via pump. Gravity was very low (I wonder if I shorted myself some base malt when weighing as I chatted with an employee at Falling Sky, it didn't feel like I added 14# of grain to the MLT).  Added 1/2# of Coconut sugar to boost gravity as it doesn't appear to be fully fermentable.  Boiled 1 hour with hop additions as scheduled, accept Willamette as I ran out of the hop .3oz shy of the 1oz FO addition.  Hop Stand for 15 mins no chiller.  Added chiller and whirlpooled to chill.  Racked 4.8 gallons at 62*F into 6 gallon Better Bottle with 3 shots of foam control.  Aerated 10 mins.  Pitched 1/2 cup thick slurry from Ninkasi at 1pm.  Fitted with airlock.  Signs of fermentation by 6 pm.

11/3 1+ inch of krausen, still 62*F.  Wrapped with heat blanket at 65*F.  Krausen got a little thicker but never reached top.

11/4 Upped temp to 68*F

11/5 Krausen appears to be dropping, swirled fermenter to get yeast back up in suspension.  Bumped up to 70*F.

11/6 Bumped up to 72*F, swirled fermenter to rouse yeast back up.

11/11 Gravity down to 1.022

11/16 CO2 Force racked to keg then placed in fridge at 10psi to carbonate for a week.

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