Saturday, September 8, 2012

Recipe: Slap Yo Momma - Wet Hop White IPA

After picking my decent, but not overly abundant hop harvest this year, I called up Oakshire Brewing since last year they didn't actually harvest their hops for there own beers.  After getting the green light to pick their hops, I raided there Chinook and Cascades.  I also got a few bines of Centennial as well.  As my wife (who so graciously went and sat in the sun entrenched in a mound of Cascade bines and helped my pick while prego) and I looked at the vast amount of hops that I had, and how difficult it would be to dry them all, she realized that I would really need to brew a few more Wet Hop beers.  Graciously she said to me, "Why don't you brew some fresh hop beers?"  I replied, "I'd love to, but that means I'd have to brew tomorrow, and also Saturday twice."  To which she responded, "Okay."  Thus the wheels began turning.  I had already pumped out a recipe for my Red Ale and had the malts milled.  What else did I want to do?  White IPA!  I had wanted to brew one for some time, and I had lots of citrus fruit hops in the Cascade and Centennial, as well as the grapefruit component of the Chinooks, hit that with the pine, and some spicing and a Belgian Yeast.

5.0 gallons
1.064 OG
1.007 Fg
7.5% ABV
48 IBUs

7.0#  GW Pale Malt
5.0#  Flaked Wheat
1.0#  White Wheat Malt
0.75#  Flaked Wheat
0.5# Cane Sugar
0.25# Rice Hulls
60 Minutes @ 150*F
70% Extract Efficiency

45 Minute Boil:
60 mins - 1.0 oz Cascade pellets 8.4AA%
WP @ 150 20 mins - 6.0oz Chinook (Wet) 
WP @ 150 20 mins - 8.0oz Cascade (Wet) 
WP @ 150 20 mins - 3.5oz Centennial (Wet) 

WY 3726 Farmhouse Ale - 2L Starter
Aerated 20 minutes
6 gallon glass carboy
3 days @ 73-75
11 days @ 75+ 

Gypsum 5/8 t (mash), 3/8 t (boil)
Calcium Chloride 1/2 t (mash), 1/2 t (boil)
Coriander 0.3oz - 5 mins
Orange Peel 0.3oz - 5 mins
Yeast Nutrient (15 mins)

Efficiency tanked hard for some unknown reason.  Added sugar to boost OG and drop FG - I like my dry beers DRY anyways, and it will get me closer to the ABV I wanted.  Not sure what is causing this drop in extract efficeincy.  Pitched yeast from 1L starter (used to wake the yeast up) and also added some of the sleeping yeast from the mason jar in the fridge to ensure that I had a good amount of yeast, but still low enough to produce the esters and phenols I want.

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