Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review: Witte Comeback

Two summers ago I was really loving the 3726 Farmhouse Ale PC WYeast strain, and I used to to make a Witbier which I soured 1 gallon of and then blended back into the full batch at bottling.  The result was a mildly tart Wit with too much Chamomile.  After nearly 21 month I expected something more "Wild", but the results are still enjoyable. 

Pours a semi hazy pale gold with a huge moussey pure white head that stays thick for the whole glass leaving thick sticky lace all the way through.  Lots of bubbles.

Smells of Chamomile flowers and light Brett funk.  Wheat and coriander follow with citrus and and a mild tartness.  Fruity, hint of strawberry.  The Brett character is actually fairly low for as old as this beer is.

Light wheat character, mild lactic tartness, hint of cardboard, citrus, mild Brett fruitiness, strawberry.  Chamomile.  Not a whole lot left from the spices.  Citrus rind when I burped.

Tart and dry, spritzy on the tongue.  The finish is still silky from the Oats.  Mild bitterness to balance.

Can't believe after 17 months and Brett the Chamomile is still so evident.  The mild tartness and Brett character is great addition of complexity to the overall beer, though the citrus and coriander is nearly non-existent.  Fun experiment, definitely worth doing again.

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