Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Dark World (American Stout)

This beer is the second recipe to be created by the Beer Advocate Homebrew Forum as a collective effort.  Spearheaded by Vikeman, the recipes are built by vote by the other forum users to construct the entire recipe: style, IBUs, OG, FG, ABV, Grist make up, Mash Temp, Bittering hops, flavor hops, aroma hops, timing of hop additions, yeast, fermentation temps, the whole 9 yards (except water profile).  Everyone had strong opinions about the beer's make up.  In the end I brewed the beer pretty much to the recipe except using a different yeast since I could skip making a starter by using a brewery pitch.  I missed the FG by only 3 points (high), but everything else was spot on.  I thought the beer would turn out great, but it still needs some work. (32/50)

Pours a deep black, looking at the edges of the glass it is clear, with deep garnet highlights, though you can't see through it due to the darkness.  Thick brown head stays throughout the whole drink leaving thick lacing all the way down. (3/3)

First thing to jump from the glass is a burst of Chinook hops, citrus, pine, and earthy Willamette hops.  Quickly followed by chocolate malt and day old coffee, toffee, bit of toast.  Burnt raisins (not in a good dark crystal way).  Nutty yeast, light esters. Hops are forward, but not dominant.  Malt is complex and dark, just not as roasty as I would like.  I am wondering if this is from using the higher roasted Crisp as it seems to have burned raisin notes more than coffee or roast. (8/12)

First sip reveals nutty yeast and bread dough, followed by earthy hops, touch of citrus, toasty malt, toffee, coffee, bitter chocolate, and more acrid raisin.  Hops, malt, and yeast are all balanced.  Hop forward for a stout which is good for style, but not forward enough to breach IPA range.  Still slightly out of wack though, something no blending well. (11/20)

Medium body, silky on the tongue, medium carbonation, balanced bitterness, it's higher, but not bracing.  Finish is semi-dry, it is full and rich but the roasted grains and hops give a drier impression. (4/5)

Early on this beer was way out of balance, too much hops and the ones used were not meshing well.  A month in the keg at cold temps has rounded all the flavors out some.  The yeast, hops, and malts blend well with just enough of each.  The toasting of the oats doesn't seem to add much except some toasty notes, which could be from the Munich too.  Makes for a nice Spring beer, not sure it makes for the best one though.  Something is slightly off, I think it is the Chinook as they are a little harsh here (odd since I love them in my IPAs), and possibly the choice of roast barley.  Hits the spot for when you want a Stout, but don't really want a second pint. (6/10)

Took 2nd place from 12 entries in the Sasquatch Homebrew Competition on May 31st, 2014.

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