Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why I Brew Beer: Christmas Edition

Why I brew?  Good question.  Here is part of the answer (too long for one post).  

Because a baby was born 2000 years ago.  I realize that seems odd, why would a baby being born 2000 years ago cause me to brew beer in the 21st century?  Of course, you probably have some idea of who this baby is, and are wondering even more, why the birth of baby Jesus would cause me to brew beer.  I mean, isn't he that guy that grew up to make people give up drinking beer and going to movies?

The birth of that baby brought hope.  It brought joy.  It brought peace.  It said to the world "YOU MATTER".  It said to the world, "You don't have to wander and wonder, is there more than this?"  And not just the people in the world, but the stuff in it, it matters.  It was this baby who would grow up, and as his first miraculous act take water and turn it into the best wine.  He did this at a party where they had already drank all the wine they had on hand.  He did it to take the shame of the host away who should have had enough wine to last the entire event (about 5-7 days long).  It was this baby who spent the bulk of his most impactful moments in life caring about hurting and broken people that the religious of his day had rejected, and he did it over food and wine.  He grew up to be mocked by the religious leaders of his day for being a drunk and glutton, a friend of sinners (like me).  He was born to love the broken, heal the sick, take our shame, make us whole, forgive our sins, bring us peace.  He was born to bring us back to the God who made us and placed us in the world he made, with all of its wonder, including the wonder of fermentation.  He enjoyed this world with us, and will do it again some day.  Until then, I enjoy it in remembrance and gratitude.

I brew beer because I want opportunities to enjoy good drink and good food with broken and hurting people that the religious people I know would reject (who isn't broken and hurting, let's be real).  I brew to enjoy the gift of a God who loves me, and who gave himself for me.  Who gave us yeast and hops and barley.  I brew because a baby was born 2000 years ago, and I yearn to be like him.  He came to stop us from wandering and wondering, is there more than this??? Why, yes there is... here's a beer I made... let's talk about it...

So, enjoy a good beer with your good food, with friends and loved ones, and celebrate the birth of a baby, a baby to bring us hope.  Merry Christmas!

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