Friday, May 13, 2016

Test Batch Review - Super Saison: Imaginary 1.0

As I stated in the recipe post Super Saison isn't my usual go-to beer.  Let's be honest, it's nobodys go-to beer.  It is a special ocassion beer by nature.  So why have it as a staple in a brewery?  Because drinking a beer at End Of Silence is always a special ocassion.  Having a breadth of styles and ABVs is always a good idea.  Everybody has massive IPAs and Imperial Stouts (as will I), but who has a readily available Super Saison.

Appearance: A foggy orange pour under a frothy egg white head that clings to the sides through the whole drink.  Needs a little more carbonation to keep the head up through the whole glass and bubbles for sparkle.

Aroma:  Pear and citrus pop from the glass with a light herbal note from the hops and a toasty malt base following behind.  A light rosey alcohol comes through in the end with a hint of fresh cracked pepper and cardamom.

Flavor:  The tongue follows the nose with pears and citrus, herbal hops, light spiciness, and a hint of cracked pepper.  Lots of toasted biscuits.  Just a mild funkiness and acidity.  Alcohol is light and floral.  Bitterness is balancing.  Very malty for the style.  More like a malty Tripel than a Imperial Saison.

Mouthfeel: Big and bold with a medium body and a fairly dry finish.  The maltiness and alcohol with a lower carbonation leave a little more heaviness on the tongue than a Saison should have, no matter the ABV.  Needs more carbonation for sure.

Overall:  Near miss, not an epic fail.  The maltiness, low carobonation, and high alcohol create for a bigger feeling beer than a super drinkable Saison.  The hops and esters come across nicely, just too malty and "heavy".  A little more bitterness, less Vienna, and higher carbonation would line this up where it needs to be.

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