Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recipe: Session Summer IPA, SS Peach IPA, SS Habanero IPA

The last batch of IPA I brewed went way too fast.  In a matter of weeks I blew through 10 gallons.  Guess that's what happens when you host CityGroup for your church weekly.  5 drinking adults with a couple pints each, and my own imbibing throughout the week can add up quick.  For the next batch of IPA I wanted something totally crushable for the Summer.  I don't really want a 7% ABV 100 IBU monster.  I opted for a session strength NW X NE IPA.  The clarity and dryness of a great PNW IPA, with the juicy, rounded mouthfeel, peachy esters, and hop explosion of a NEIPA.  And of course I bumped it up to 15 gallons this time to ensure I keep it on longer.  But I didn't really want 15 gallons of the same IPA.  Each keg got a little different treatment.  One stayed as brewed, one got Habanero peppers, and one got peaches, lactose, and vanilla.

OG 1.051
FG 1.011
ABV 5.4%
IBU 56

60 mins mash @ 150
74% Pale Ale Malt
15% Flaked Oats
5% Sugar
4% Carapils
3% Carastan
Calcium Chloride

30 min boil
10 Citra, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria
FO Citra, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria
DH1 Citra, Mandarina Bavaria (Primary)
DH2 Citra, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria (Post fermentation)

2 weeks @ 65+
Vermont Ale

Keg 1 - As brewed
Keg 2 - 3 Habaneros
Keg 3 - 5# Peaches, bourbon vanilla extract, 3/4# Lactose (Peaches and Cream)

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