Monday, June 4, 2012

What To Make With A Hop You Have No Info For

I recently got tons of hops from a fellow brewer who has a fairly large variety of hops that he grows.  I got some of the unknown and experimental varietals that he has like American Blisk, European Cerara, French Tardif de Bourgnone, and Japanese Shinsuwase which is supposed to be very perfumey.  I also have some of an old school New Zealand hop the they no longer grow, that was a precursor to the new varieties named AlphAroma.  Since I don't have any beers to taste as to understand this hop, and no one has any information on it, including the guy who gave them to me, I decided to brew a small extract batch with them while I mash my Double IPA.  I have 2.6# of Pils DME left over from the 5# bag I bought for the Last Runnings Sour from my last brew day.  I grabbed some CaraHell for some body and head retention assistance as well.  The goal is a pseudo Pils/Pale Ale just to get a handle on what the hop can do, if it is a Noble knock-off then more of a Pils, if it is American like many other NZ strains, then more of a Pale Ale.

3.8 gallon batch
OG 1.036
IBUs 33
Est ABV ~ 3.7%

Steep CaraHell in 1 gallon water @ 155*F
Sparge with 1 gallon water @ 170*F
Add 2.58# DME
Bring total preboil volume up to 4.5 gallons

Boil (30 minutes) 
15  1.40oz AlphAroma
KO 1.40oz AlphAroma

Ferment 65*F 1056 American Ale (Oaskhire Slurry)
14 days

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