Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recipe: BANGARANG Rufio (Imperial Red IPA)

In continuing with my BANGARANG series, I have to move to many people's favorite Lost Boy, and mine as well, RUFIO.  I am currently sitting on a large volume of hops in my freezer, including Chinook, Simcoe, and a new 1# of CTZ.  Sounds perfect for a big, bold, dank, piney Red IPA.  I have also been meaning to use Vienna as a base malt to get a feel for it some.  I realize a big hoppy red is not the best place to get a feel for a malt, but that's what I am doing.  Added in a touch of Munich, a sprinkle of Black Malt for color and dryness, and a hefty dose of sugar to increase drinkability, up the fermentability, drop the FG, and up the OG, perfect for an Imperial IPA.

This beer was also done as an overnight mash for 10.5 gallons, split before the boil into 2 seperate batches.  This batch received a steep of the Black Malt and the addition of sugar while awaiting the boil.  This will also be my first run with my new hop strainer for the ball valve (replacing all the failed hop tacos).


5.5 gallon 
OG 1.074
FG 1.011  
ABV 8.2% 
IBUs 113 Est
SRM 14
86% Extract Efficiency
74% Brewhouse Efficiency

13.0# Weyermann Vienna
1.0# Weyermann Munich II
1.6# Cane Sugar
0.2# Crisp Black Malt (steeped)
10 Hours @ 152*F (dropped to 135*F)

Boil (60 mins):
60 1.50oz Columbus 17.5% (pellets)
25 min 2.00oz Columbus 17.5% (pellets)
10 min WP 0.80oz Columbus 17.5% (pellets)
10 min WP 0.80oz Simcoe 13.0% (pellets)
10 min WP 0.80oz Chinook ~13.9% (homegrown)
20 min WP @ 170* 1.00oz Columbus 17.5% (pellets)
20 min WP @ 170* 1.00oz Simcoe 13.0% (pellets)
20 min WP @ 170* 1.00oz Chinook ~13.9% (homegrown)
DH 2.00oz Columbus 17.5% (pellets)
DH min WP 1.00oz Simcoe 13.0% (pellets)
DH min WP 1.50oz Chinook ~13.9% (homegrown)

Kettle Additions:
Gypsum - 5/8t mash, 1/2t boil
Epsom Salts - 1t boil
Calcium Chloride - 5/8 mash, 1/2t boil
Whirfloc - 1 tablet @ 12 mins
Nutrient - 2 taps @ 12 mins

Chilled to 62*F
35 mins aeration w/ pump & stone
Yeast Pitch (1056) from Oakshire
3 days @ 65*F (6 gallon Better Bottle)
4 days @ 68*F
4 days @ 72*F
3 days @ 45*F

04/05 Brewed by myself.  Mashed in 8:30pm @ 154*F.  Wrapped in heating blanket set on high and covered with sleeping bag.

04/06  Mash dropped to 142*F  by 7am (12*F over 10.5 hours).  Ran off and double sparged to get 14.75 gallons of wort (in a 15.5 gallon keggle).  Ran 7 gallons to HLT to await boil for Oud Bruin.  Added sugar and steeping bag of Black Malt to 7.5 gallons of wort in keggle, steeped for 20 mins.  Brought to boil and added hops as scheduled.  Chilling went well, but the newest and best hop stopper still clogged shut with all the hops I used (may have to just buy paint bags for my hop bombs).  Run off took over an hour and required me to grab my ballvalve and twist it back and forth for the bulk of that time (moving the dip tube around and freeing it from the hops) which let quite a bit of the pellet debris and trub into the fermenter.  Got an extra quart in there to account for the loss I will have to that trub.  Fitted with blow off tube since this will be a big ferment with high volume.

8 hours - Krausen already starting to build.

16 hours - Rocking hard @ 64*F

76 hours - Upped temperature to 68*F and switched on heating blanket.

113 hours - Removed blow off tube and fit with airlock.

4/13 Upped temp to 72 to finish strong and fully attenuate.

4/19 Racked to keg, added dry hops with marbles (boiled in hop bag), set to carbonate at 2.5 vols CO2 @ 58*F for 4.5 days.  Looks a little more "Amber" than Red.  Steeped 0.15# Roast Barley in 1 pint water, boiled down to 4oz of syrup, added half to keg for color.

4/24 Removed dry hops, repressurized keg, put into fridge to chill and crash out all yeast and hop trub.  Drinking by 4/26 - only 3 weeks from when I mashed it!

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