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Recipe: BANGARANG - The Twins (3rd Place - German Pilsner & Saison)

Last year I started a category of beers for my brewing called the BANGARANG series.  Of course BANGARANG is from the movie Hook and this term expresses delight and enjoyment.  As the second and third beers in this installment, I went with the twins.  It seemed fitting since I was brewing up a 10 gallon batch and splitting it into 2 fermenters with two separate yeasts.  Same wort, different fermentations.  After brewing my Dopplebock I wanted to continue using the lager yeast while the weather was still fitting for it.  I have tried a few Pilsners lately and have really enjoyed them so I decided to brew one up (but failed).  I can't see why I would just brew 5 gallons of beer when I can easily brew 2, so I decided to do a 10 gallon batch and ferment the other 5 on a different yeast.  I don't have any Saisons right now, and I love them, and warmer weather will be here in a few months, so I thought this would be the best way to split it.  Both beers work well with a Pilsner Malt base, a firm bitterness, and a medium Noble hopping.  So that's exactly what I did.  

I also split this brewday up some with an overnight mash.  My wife and I brewed up her Hefe only a few days ago, and she was out of town leaving me with our oldest son for a few days.  I didn't really want to spend the entire day Saturday brewing and bottling when I had an opportunity to get some one-on-one daddy time with my boy, so I split it up to give me more time with him (which didn't really happen due to other issues - keep reading).  I started by mashing a few degrees higher than I normally would on Friday night after my son went to bed, and leaving it sit until morning when I got up.  I bottled the Dopplebock at this point as well to free up the yeast cake.  On Saturday morning I woke up and fired up my sparge water.  I ran off into my kettle as the water came to temp, sparged, and collected the full volume for the boil.  The mash dropped around 20*F over 10 hours (should have brought it inside).

I started with a base of Pilsner Malt as all Pilsners should.  To this I added some Munich I for a touch of richer maltiness, and also gave it a touch of CaraPils for a little body and great head retention.  I couldn't get any German Noble hops, so I went with some of the American Noble subs, Saaz and Sterling for Saaz, Liberty for Hallertau Mittelfruh, and Santiam for Tettnang, bittered with Shinsuawase (Japanese lager hop).  After a long mash and 90 minute boil that required me to swap propane tanks, I tried to chill it all to lager temps, but my newest hop taco clogged shut rendering the pump and whirlpool chiller useless again!  I ran it all off at 60*F, split into 2 fermenters, 9.5 gallons over 3 hours (should have just used the auto siphon).  One (5 gallons) was fermented on Munich Lager, the other (4.5 gallons) got Belgian Saison (Dupont).  I love the Dupont strain's esters and phenols, and if I can wait 6 weeks for a Pilsner, I should be able to do the same for a great Saison.

When all was said and done, I ended up with a Munich Helles instead of the intended Pilsner. Though the FG was low enough, the bitterness is too low and the Munich makes it a little too malty.


9.5 gallon batch - split
5.0 Helles
4.5 Saison
OG 1.053
FG 1.009 (Helles) 
FG 1.007 (Saison)
ABV 5.8% (Helles)
ABV 6.0% (Saison)
IBUs 36 Est (actual is much lower)
82% Extract Efficiency
74% Brewhouse Efficiency

17.50# Weyermann Pilsner Malt
1.80# Weyermann Munich I
1.0# Breiss Org CaraPils
10 Hours @ 155*F (dropped to 135*F)

Boil (90 mins):

FW 1.80oz Shinsuwase ~ 6.5% AA (homegrown)
20 min 1.00oz Liberty 5.4% AA
20 min 1.00oz Saaz 4.5% AA
10 min WP 0.70oz Santiam ~ 6% AA (homegrown)
10 min WP 0.50oz Sterling 6% AA
10 min WP 1.00oz Liberty 5.4% AA
10 min WP 1.00oz Saaz 4.5% AA

Kettle Additions:
Gypsum - 5/8t mash, 3/4t boil
Epsom Salts - 1/2t mash, 1/2 boil
Calcium Chloride - 1t mash, 1 1/8t boil
Whirfloc - 1 tablet @ 12 mins
Nutrient - 6 taps @ 12 mins (4 more taps into Saison)

Chilled to 52*F
Helles - Wyeast 2308 Munich Lager yeast cake
3 weeks @ 48*F (6 gallon Better Bottle)
1 week @ 55*F (still in BB)
2 weeks @ 42*F (still in BB)
Saison - Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison (Dupont) 500ml Starter
6 Weeks @ 85*F (6 gallon BB w/ Heating Blanket)

02/22 Brewed by myself.  Mashed in 8:45 pm @ 155*F.

02/23 Mash dropped to 127*F near the ballvalve, 135*F along the opposite edge, and 145*F  in the middle by 7 am.  Ran off and sparged as usual.  Had to adjust my hopping rate since I didn't have all the hops I thought I did.  Subbed Japanese Shinsuwase for the FW hops.  Brought 13 gallons to a boil.  Boil wasn't very vigorous since propane was depleted.  Swapped out at 35 minute mark for new tank.  Finished boil and turned on pump which clogged and stopped the whirlpool at 60*F and made runoff drastically slow.  Transfered 5 gallons of super clear wort to Better Bottle over 1 hour.  Transferred another 4.5 gallons over 2 hours.  Placed the 5 gallons into the ferm fridge set to 48*F and pitched slurry of Munich Lager yeast.  Placed 4.5 gallons in bedroom wrapped in heating blanket set to high and beach towel with Saison yeast.

1 hour - Dupont yeast is already bubbling away.

7 hours - Dupont strain is making it hard to sleep as it bubbles away at 70*F.

24 hours - Lager is beginning to bubble slightly, can see new yeast growth at bottom.  Positive pressure in airlock.

39 hours - Lager is forming krausen and bubbling away.  Saison is beyond 78*F and bubbles are starting to slow some.

02/28 - Lager is still chugging away, sulfur smell in the ferm fridge which is normal.  Saison has been winding down quite a bit and is sitting at 1.024 (first stall with this yeast so far).  Keeping it warm.

3 Weeks - Lager is still yeasty at 1.013.  Had a buddy over to taste it and his assessment is that the IBUs are too low, more like a Munich Helles.  Advised to raise temp to 55 and allow to finish out.  Also sampled Saison, still stuck at 1.024.  Turned up heat and roused yeast over a week and it dropped more.

4.5 weeks - Helles down to 1.011 and cooled to lower 40s.  Saison is back in full swing down to 1.013, and still going.

6 weeks - Helles is down to 1.009, Saison down to 1.007

04/05/13 Kegged Helles

04/08/13 Bottled Saison to 3 vols CO2 (spiked a few bottles with 10cc Brett Drei)

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