Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recipe #49: Hazy Dayz (Session White IPA)

After brewing a couple lagers and waiting for them to finish up for drinking I noticed that I didn't have any really flavorful brews, nothing hoppy to slake my lupulin lusts.  I have my Saison in bottles and the 2 American Pilsners, that's it.  I really enjoy White IPAs.  I really enjoy session IPAs.  And yesterday was National IPA Day.  Seemed fitting that I brew up a nice sessionable White IPA.  Around 4.5% ABV, 43 IBUs., dry, crisp, refreshing, fruity, bursting with hops.

To start I wanted a good base of 50% Pale Malt, and the other half split to Flaked Wheat (40%) and Flaked Oats (10%).  The high levels of wheat and oats should lend to a thicker mouthfeel despite the lower OG and FG.  I decided to go with a light hand of Gypsum and heavier on the Calcium Chloride to help keep a rich mouthfeel to keep it from having to bracing of bitterness with the low OG and FG. To this I decided to add Meridian and Cascade hops.  Meridian is said to have a good Meyer Lemon flavor and aroma which is a cross between a lemon and orange.  Cascade is floral and grapefruity.  The two together should give a nice citrus punch to compliment the Orange Peel, Grapefruit Peel, and Indian Coriander.  To pull it all together, I chose the Wyeast Private Reserve 3725 Biere de Garde yeast.  This yeast is supposed to be the Fantome' strain, so it should give me just enough Belgian character to pull off the style, yet leave room for the hops and spicing to shine.  It will also go great with the Black Spiced Super Saison I am doing on the cake from this beer in a few weeks.

Of course this batch was done with an overnight mash and split boils.  The overnight mashing is becoming my standard as well as doing 2 beers from one mash.  Just so much easier to dough in, go to bed, wake up, heat my sparge water and go.  If everything goes as planned (when does that happen) I should be able to knock out both beers and still have the afternoon to enjoy family.

5.25 gallons
1.046 OG
1.010 FG
4.7% ABV
43 IBUs.

5.0# Great Western Pale Malt (3L)
4.0# Flaked Wheat
1.0# Flaked Oats
10 hours @ 160*F (dropped to 144-150 ~147*F)

Boil: 30 minutes
10 mins 2.0 oz Meridian (whole leaf) 6.0%
10 mins 2.0 oz Cascade (home grown) ~ 6.0%
FO WP 35 mins 2.0 oz Meridian (whole leaf) 6.0%
FO WP 35 mins 2.0 oz Cascade (home grown) ~ 6.0%

Kettle Additions:
10 mins 2 taps Yeast nutrient
2 mins 0.5 oz Indian Coriander
2 mins 0.2 oz Fresh Orange Peel (one orange)
2 mins 0.4 oz Fresh Grapefruit Peel (one grapefruit)

WY PC 3725 Biere De Garde (Fantom) no starter 07/09/2013
2 days @ 68*F
12 days @ Ambient Garage (75+*F)
Kegged after 2 weeks

Dry Hops:
10 days @ 40*F 1.2 oz Meridian (whole leaf) 6.0%
10 days @ 40*F 1.0 oz Cascade (home grown) ~ 6.0%

08/01 Brewed by myself.  Mashed in at 9:30pm @ 160*F on back patio, wrapped in heating blanket and sleeping bag overnight.

08/02 Awoke and started brewing at 7:30am.  Easy runoff, double sparge, collected 14.5 gallons of wort and split into 2 batches.  This batch sat covered in HLT while the other batch was brewed.  Brought to boil and added (bagged) hops and (free) spices (ground in magic bullet) accordingly.  Turned off heat and submerged the WP hops into the wort in a 5 gallon paint strainer bag.  Held it under with the chiller.  Whirlpool worked great with hops in the bag.  Chilled to 68*F using pond pump and recirculating ice water.  Placed into a water bath @ 68*F @ 1:30pm, pitched swollen yeast pack immediately.  Fermentation started by 8:30pm that night, rocking by 24 hour mark, still steady after 60 hours.

08/05 Krasuen appears to have dropped, sample is very yeasty but good.

08/09 FG @ 1.010

08/13 Kegged and placed in fridge @ 40 on 10psi to carb.

08/20 Boiled a hop sack and added Dry Hops to the keg as the aroma is too light for an IPA.  The Cascades smelled amazing.

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