Monday, May 14, 2012

3 Beers, 1 Mash, Good Deal...

It might just become a yearly brew for me… A triple beer mash that is.  Last year I did a Bavarian Hefeweisse, an American Wheat IPA w/ pineapple, and a Session Sour from a single mash.  This year I did a single mash for 3 more beers.  This year the Hefe was switched out for a Witbier, the Wheat IPA for a clone of 3 Floyds Gumballhead, and the sour mashed Session Sour for a sour mashed “Saison” with oak and Pinot Noir juice.  Made for a great brew day, and hopefully, despite a few hiccups, some great beers.

Single Mash:
11# Flaked Wheat
9.6# Great Western Pale Malt
3# Rice Hulls (for good measure)
5/8 tsp Gypsum
3/8 tsp Calcium Chloride
Single Infusion: 151*F for 60 minutes
Ran off 13.5 gallons.
Split into 2 - 6.75 gallon batches

Witte Comeback:
45 minute boil
FW 0.30oz Sterling AA% Unkown (home grown 7.5% estimated)
15   0.70oz Sterling AA% Unkown (home grown 7.5% estimated)
KO 1.00oz Sterling AA% Unkown (home grown 7.5% estimated)
10 mins 0.80# Flaked Wheat added to boil
KO zest of 2 Cara Cara Oranges, 0.12oz Coriander, 0.12oz Pink Peppercorn, 0.12oz Green Peppercorn (didn’t buy enough spices and missed each addition by half… oops)
Tea of: zest of 1 Cara Cara Orange, 0.20oz Coriander, .12oz Pink Peppercorn, 0.10oz Chamomile steeped 5 mins @ 190*F added to fermenter (1.5 cups)

5.0 gallons 3726 Farmhouse Ale yeast slurry
0.5 gallons 3726 Farmhouse Ale + souring bugs/Brett
Fermented @ 83*F 2 days, 78*F for 3 weeks
Blended at bottling

5.5 gallons
OG 1.050
FG 1.005
15 IBUs
5.9% ABV

0.75# Caravienne steeped 35 minutes @ 150*F
45 minute boil
FW 0.50 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%
45   0.30 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%
15   0.50 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%
5     1.30 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%
KO 1.00 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%
DH  1.40 oz Amarillo 9.3 AA%

1056 American Ale pitch f/ Oakshire
Fermented @ 66*F for 2 weeks
DH @ 66*F for 4 days

***Hit the 1.055 gravity perfect @ 5.0 gals but forgot to drain ½ gallon of StarSan from Better Bottle before racking so ended up with 5.5 gallons @ 1.050.  Added 1# sugar boiled in 1 pint water to the fermenter on day 2 to boost gravity back up making it 1.057, and FG hit low @ 1.007 making for a 6.6% ABV beer instead of 5.5%***

5.5 gallons
1.057 OG
1.007 FG
34 IBUs
6.6% ABV

Vino Cilurzo (Sour w/ Pinot Juice):
Last runnings from mash 6 gallons @ 1.011 soured with 0.10oz of Pale Malt in bucket @ 98*F for 50 hours, smell of yogurt, not much sour, light twang, somewhat astringent.  Went to boil and my burner caught on fire resulting in no boil.  Racked back into the same bucket less grains.  Pulled 1 quart of wort and brought to just under a boil on the stove.  Added hops and steeped for 5 minutes.  Strained into bucket.  Pitched ¼ cup slurry of 3726 Farmhouse + souring bugs/Brett slurry.  Added 3 pieces of French Oak blocks.  Didn’t take OG, estimated @ 1.030.  On day 2 added 3000ml of Pinot Noir concentrate that I scored for free when it was broken in transit to Falling Sky, estimated new OG 1.050.  Smelled of sulfur so I added 3726 Farmhouse slurry for more yeast activity and also added yeast nutrient per recommendations from a fellow brewer.  As of 4 weeks the sulfur smell is gone and a pellicle has formed.  Looking forward to how this one turns out... it will be bottled in early July since I need the bucket for my Flander's Red, and I don't have another fermenter (unless I pull it off to 1 gallon jugs).  At this point FG is 1.010.

1.00 oz Cascade (home grown)
1.00 oz Challenger (home grown)

~ 6.5 gallons
~ 1.050 OG
~ 1.002 FG (unkown, assuming low FG with bugs, Brett, juice)
~5 IBUs
~ 6% ABV

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