Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Let's Partigyle

***EDIT: this beer is infected and gushing***

There is just something I don't seem to care for in a second runnings beer.  So far they seem to be insipid and floppy in the malt and body character.  I think the next time I do a partigyle my small beer is going to be an American hop bomb since the malt should play a very minimal role to showcase the hops.  Until then, I guess I'll keep drinking this every so often.

Pours a hazy bronze, perfect color, but needs to be clear.  Dense rocky tan head that persists leaving great lacing.

Smells of spicy and herbal hops, earthy dusting, vineous (from the oak?), touch of biscuit, light citrus fruit.

Taste is much like the nose, spicy hops, oak, earthy hops, tannins, toasty malt, very light malt flavor.

Somewhat watery, tannic, bitter finish sneaks in and cleans the palate, light carbonation.

High English hop notes, light malt character, and fermented oakiness.  3 things I don't particularly care for all rolled into one makes for a beer I am not too keen on.  The dry hopping started out as very grassy but faded out for a decent bouquet if you like the spicy/earthy English varieties.  I have done one other oak in primary beer and got the same kind of flavors as I find here and I wasn't too pleased with that one either.  The last time I did a second runnings beer I didn't enjoy the finished product, mostly because they both needed a great malt profile but were lacking with a watery finish.

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